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Hyoyeon’s B’day is tomorrow!





what do you do at hogwarts if you start your period? 

like do you go and see madam promfrey? or your head of year? because i’m just trying to imagine the slytherin girls going snape and asking for tampons


I do not have the power within me to not reblog this. 

Christ almighty

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Title: EYES
Artist: 소녀시대-태티서 (GIRLS' GENERATION-TTS)
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Title: Only U
Artist: 소녀시대-태티서 (GIRLS' GENERATION-TTS)
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Title: Stay
Artist: 소녀시대-태티서 (GIRLS' GENERATION-TTS)
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Title: 아드레날린 (Adrenaline)
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Title: Holler
Artist: 소녀시대-태티서 (GIRLS' GENERATION-TTS)
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Im so ready for this!!!!

Title: 내가 네게 (Whisper)
Artist: 소녀시대-태티서 (GIRLS' GENERATION-TTS)
Played: 1070 times

So Sims 4 is really weird…

Actually more like my sims…………………….


There I was watching “Maleficent”

When this creature caught my eye…. He reminds me of Watto from Star wars The Phantom Menace


RIP Rise & EunB..

I hate this world. I really do. 

I don’t understand what’s going on but Donghae seems to be enjoying it…

Oh wow

Super Junior Kyuhyun shows sympathy and prays for Ladies' Code members' recovery



Among the people in industry showing their sympathy, Super Junior Kyuhyun must be the most to be affected by the tragic news of Ladies’ Code Eunb’s death and tragic car accident.

Super Junior Kyuhyun tweets this morning, "Someone else’s business is different.. (Implying…

Managers or whoever drives needs to slow down. It’s better to be late to their next schedule than not attending at all.

I’m so sorry that it happened to alot of people.

Please slow down and take care.